Bodies By John was originally started in Brooklyn NY and then became well established in Manhattan NY as a group of independent trainers started by John Monroe who trained clients individually and in a new way that would answer to each client and not train everyone according to text books or fads. 

Bodies by john has trained your average Joe just to get a better version of himself and also trained athletes as well as soon to be athletes. 

John Monroe and his small staff of trainers have trained clients from age 13- 73 years old for their specific goals. Bodies by John has always been about the clients and to develop a personal relationship with each individual and not train clients based on age , sex, race , religion or even finances !

We will always take all things into consideration and if our schedule allows, we have always tried to make room for more clients.  

We work with clients of all goals and for long term and short term goals. 

Bodies By John interviews clients for selection to see if you are a candidate for training with us as well as to see if we are a right fit for you. 

John Monroe is now currently accepting new clients in San Antonio Texas and Colorado Springs Colorado.